If you are facing financial hardships and unable to make your mortgage payments, you may be going through a foreclosure. A sheriff’s sale is the last part in your foreclosure process, whereby you are evicted and your home is sold at public auction. Don’t loose your home, a sheriff’s sale can be stopped!

If you are facing impending sheriff sale, filling for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy could be one of the solutions. When you file for bankruptcy, this initiates the automatic stay option, which stops any
and all collection activity, this includes foreclosures and sheriff sales. Let the experts at Low & Low Bankruptcy help you avoid common mistakes made by homeowners by walking you through this difficult process. If you want to save your home, and stop sheriffs sale, you have to act fast.

Low & Low Bankruptcy attorneys have over forty years of New Jersey legal experience. Our offices are located in Hackensack, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, and West New York. By being focused on this widespread public need, our friendly and efficient staff are able to walk you through the foreclosure process and stop of sheriff’s sale. Call our Foreclosure professionals at (800) 343-4749 to get answers to your problems quickly. We will help you to choose the best available option to help you deal with your mortgage crisis.